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How to Fold Bob Stroller: StepbyStep Guide

Discover the simple yet essential techniques for folding your BOB stroller effortlessly.

Whether you have a single or double model, mastering the art of collapse and compactness is key for stress-free transportation.

With just a few strategic maneuvers, your stroller will be ready to go in no time.

Don’t miss out on this essential knowledge!

how to fold bob stroller

To fold a BOB stroller, begin by raising the handle and locating the triggers underneath.

Pull the triggers to collapse the stroller forward and use the red strap to make the fold more compact.

Attach the buckles to lock the stroller for easy travel.

Before folding, ensure the stroller is empty and the parking brake is activated.

To make folding easier, shrink the canopy and recline the seat near a flat position.

Look for triggers or pull straps to fold the stroller, and fasten the buckles or straps to securely lock it.

Finally, consider using a stroller cover to keep the folded stroller clean.

These instructions apply to all types of BOB strollers.

Key Points:

  • Raise the handle and locate the triggers underneath
  • Pull the triggers to collapse the stroller forward
  • Use the red strap to make the fold more compact
  • Attach the buckles to lock the stroller for easy travel
  • Ensure stroller is empty and parking brake is activated before folding
  • Shrink canopy and recline seat for easier folding

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💡 Did You Know?

1. The Bob stroller, popular for its versatility and durability, was originally inspired by a bicycle suspension system to provide a smooth ride for babies and toddlers.

2. While many strollers can be folded with one hand, the Bob stroller takes it a step further and can be folded with just two fingers. This unique feature makes it incredibly convenient for parents on the go.

3. The Bob stroller is known for its compact fold, but did you know that it can fit into the overhead bin of most airplanes? This makes it a great travel companion for families who are constantly on the move.

4. As a nod to its founder, the Bob stroller logo features a silhouette of Bob England, the man who revolutionized the stroller industry with his innovative folding mechanism.

5. The Bob stroller folding mechanism is patented and uses a combination of sliding mechanisms and levers. This design not only allows for easy folding but also ensures that the stroller remains securely locked when in use, providing peace of mind for parents.

Instructions For Folding Bob Single Strollers

Folding a Bob single stroller can vary depending on the model. However, Bob provides helpful instructions for folding their different single stroller models, including the Alterrain Jogging Stroller, Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller, Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, and Rambler Jogging Stroller. These instructions ensure that you can easily fold your stroller and make it ready for travel.

To begin, it’s important to empty the stroller of any belongings or items before attempting to fold it. This ensures that the folding process is smooth and uncomplicated. Once the stroller is emptied, activate the parking brake to keep it still while folding.

Next, look for triggers or pull straps that are specifically designed for folding the stroller. Locate these triggers or straps near the handlebar. By raising the handle of the stroller, you can easily access the triggers or straps for the folding mechanism.

  • Empty the stroller of belongings or items before folding.
  • Activate the parking brake.
  • Locate triggers or pull straps near the handlebar.
  • Raise the handle to access the folding mechanism.

“Smooth and uncomplicated folding process.”

Instructions For Folding A Bob Double Stroller

If you own a Bob double stroller, such as the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie, you’ll be pleased to know that Bob also provides instructions for folding double strollers. These instructions ensure that you can effortlessly fold your double stroller and get it ready for storage or transportation.

The process for folding a Bob double stroller is similar to that of folding a single stroller. Before folding, make sure to empty the stroller to simplify the process. Additionally, activating the parking brake is important to keep the stroller steady while folding. This prevents any accidents or unexpected movements during the folding process.

To initiate the folding process:

  • Raise the handle of the stroller to access the triggers or pull straps.
  • Once you have located the triggers or straps, pull them under the handlebar to collapse the stroller forward.
  • This action will begin the folding process of your double stroller, making it more compact and easier to carry or store.

Folding The Stroller: Raising The Handle And Locating Triggers

Folding a Bob Stroller

To fold a Bob stroller, follow these simple steps:

  1. Raise the handle: Begin by raising the handle of the stroller to access the folding mechanism. This will allow you to locate the triggers or pull straps needed for folding the stroller.

  2. Locate the triggers or straps: By raising the handle, you will have a clear view of the triggers or straps located near the handlebar. These triggers or straps are specifically designed to initiate the folding process.

  3. Collapse the stroller forward: Once you have located the triggers or straps, proceed to collapse the stroller forward. This step completes the folding process.

Following these steps will help you easily fold your Bob stroller.

Collapsing The Stroller Forward And Using The Red Strap

After raising the handle and locating the triggers or pull straps, the next step is to collapse the stroller forward. Simply pull the triggers or straps under the handlebar. This action will fold the stroller and make it more compact.

To further secure the fold and make it even more compact, you can use the red strap provided by Bob. This strap allows you to cinch the stroller together, minimizing its size for easier storage or transportation. Pull the red strap tight to ensure a secure and compact fold.

  • Use the triggers or pull straps to collapse the stroller forward
  • Attach the red strap provided by Bob to further secure the fold and minimize the size

Locking The Stroller For Easy Travel With Buckles

Once the stroller is folded and compact, it is important to secure it in place for easy travel. Bob provides buckles or straps to lock the stroller in its folded position. Locate these buckles or straps and fasten them securely to ensure that the stroller remains folded while on the move.

By using the provided buckles, you can prevent the stroller from unfolding during transportation. This ensures that your stroller remains in its compact form and is easily portable. Fasten the buckles tightly to maintain the stroller’s folded position.

  • Fasten the buckles or straps securely
  • Prevent unfolding during transportation

Important Reminders And Additional Tips

While folding your Bob stroller, there are a few important reminders and additional tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure that the stroller is empty before folding to prevent any items from falling out or causing complications during the folding process.

Additionally, adjusting the stroller’s canopy to a more compact position can make folding easier. Lower the canopy as much as possible to ensure a smooth folding process. Similarly, reclining the seat near a flat position can help achieve a more compact fold.

Lastly, it is recommended to use a stroller cover when transporting the folded stroller. This will protect the stroller from dirt, dust, and other elements, keeping it clean and ready for use when needed. Following these instructions and tips will ensure that you can easily fold your Bob stroller and make it ready for travel or storage.


Do Bob strollers fold down?

Yes, Bob strollers can be easily folded down for convenient storage and travel. Simply raise the handle and locate the triggers underneath it. By pulling these triggers, the stroller will collapse forward and become compact. To ensure a secure fold, use the red strap to lock the stroller, attaching the buckles. This makes Bob strollers a practical choice for on-the-go families, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

Are jogging strollers foldable?

Yes, jogging strollers are indeed foldable. With a simple process, you can easily fold them down to a compact size. By locking the wheel, collapsing the handle and canopy, lifting the flap in the foot area, and finally lifting a handle, the jogging stroller effortlessly folds. This brand claims that their jogging stroller is 50% smaller when folded, without the need to remove the wheels for a compact fold. Enjoy the convenience of easily transporting and storing your jogging stroller with its foldable design.

1. What are the step-by-step instructions for folding a Bob stroller?

To fold a Bob stroller, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Start by engaging the parking brake to ensure the stroller is stable.
2. Locate the folding strap, usually located on the seat or near the handlebar. Pull on this strap to release the brake and initiate the folding process.
3. While holding the folding strap, grab the handlebar and push it forward towards the front wheels until the front wheel touches the bottom of the stroller frame.
4. Once the front wheel is at the bottom, continue pushing the handlebar forward until the stroller fully folds into a compact size.
5. Secure the folded stroller with any provided locking mechanisms or straps to keep it in place during transportation or storage.

It is important to consult the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your Bob stroller model, as slight variations in the folding process may exist.

2. Are there any tips or tricks for safely and efficiently folding a Bob stroller?

Yes, there are a few tips for safely and efficiently folding a Bob stroller. Firstly, it’s important to read the instruction manual that comes with the stroller to understand the specific folding mechanism for your model. Generally, the process involves releasing a main latch or button and collapsing the stroller by pushing or pulling certain parts.

Some general tips include practicing the folding process a few times to become familiar with it, ensuring that the wheels are locked in the straight position before folding, and removing any accessories or items from the stroller to prevent them from getting damaged or lost. Additionally, it can be helpful to slightly tilt the stroller forward when folding, as this can make the process smoother. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for safe folding and handling of the Bob stroller.

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