how to elevate bassinet for reflux

How to Raise Bassinet for Acid Reflux

Babies who have reflux are not safe in any position when they’re sleeping. There is no one correct way to sleep that’s guaranteed to work for every baby with reflux, but there are some general guidelines based on the symptoms and severity of your child’s condition.


Your baby might not be able to sleep comfortably at night because of acid reflux. When your child is sleeping on his back, acid has a tendency to splash up into the esophagus which can cause them discomfort and pain when bedtime comes around.

Elevating their mattress by using pillows or blankets will help alleviate symptoms as they lay in an incline position that’s easier for breathing with less pressure on the stomach area while also reducing heartburn if you use these items during daytime naps too.

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How to Elevate Bassinet Mattress for Reflux?

To make your baby more comfortable, remove the bedding and mattress from their crib or bassinets.

Remove the bedding and the mattress from your baby’s crib. Measure 6 inches with a ruler where you want to elevate it, then use some tape around that spot. This will bring the incline of the mattress to about 30 degrees. This way, there is no risk of sagging or rolling down on one side while sleeping. Please do not elevate too high, otherwise it might be very dangerous during the baby sleeping.

To make your baby’s bassinet or crib more safe, you can roll a towel or stack pillows on the head of the bed. This will provide them with some protection from falling out of their cot. If you don’t have any special safety materials like these to hand then it is fine to use towels or wedge pillows for this purpose.

Just ensure that they are stacked so as not to exceed 6 inches in height and place a fitted sheet over top before placing the mattress back into position at its base.

What is a Parent of a Baby with Reflux to do?

As difficult as it can be, wait it out. Most babies will end up growing out the symptoms naturally. We know that by 4 months of age, most babies are spitting up less because they’re sitting on their own and this dramatically drops off at 6 months old. If you have any concerns about your baby’s sleep habits or health worries related to their reflux disorder then talk with your pediatrician.

What are the best sleep practices for a baby with reflux?

Sleep positioners and wedges might be working out, but there are also many other ways to make your little one’s nights more peaceful. Just try to elevate the either cribs or bassinets to give a 30 degree incline for the sleeping position. Your baby should be more comfortable even with acid reflux at the early months.

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